Brothers Osborne celebrate “Weed, Whiskey and Willie”

“I get stoned for survival; it helps with the healing.”

Brothers Osborne late last week dropped a track from their forthcoming album, and it’s a hat tip to the Nashville duo’s favorite three “W”s: “Weed, Whiskey and Willie.” Nelson, of course.

The slow jam features the siblings at their most laid-back. Over John Osborne’s bluesy guitar licks, TJ spins a downtrodden yarn of heartbreak, betrayal and other country music staples. But it’s all cool. Because, as the song goes, “When it all goes to hell / The only thing I believe in / Is weed, whiskey and Willie.”

The tune will appear on the Brothers Osborne’s sophomore effort, Port Saint Joe. And in what may simply be a beautiful coincidence, the record will drop on April 20.


Check out the single here:

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