Brett Young would trade it all for a “Ticket to LA”

A loved-up track about an airport meet-cute.

Brett Young has just dropped “Ticket to LA,” the title track of his upcoming sophomore album. If you’re a sucker for sweet love songs telling romantic stories, you’ll probably want to give this one a few spins.

The track, which follows lead single “Here Tonight,” is all about a meet-cute at JFK Airport in New York City. Young’s flight has been delayed, so he strikes up a conversation with a mystery woman who’s waiting for her own flight. “She said hello / ‘Where you headed to?’ / I didn’t lie but I bent the truth / Said I’d go anywhere with you,” the country singer-songwriter croons.

When the chorus kicks in, it’s clear that there’s something special going on between the two—something so special that Young’s missed his flight. But he’s already got a change of plans, declaring “there’s not a thing that I wouldn’t trade for a ticket to LA.” Awww.


Ticket to LA is out December 7. Hear the song below:

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