Brett Young sings under stormy skies in “Here Tonight” MV

The singer soundtracks a couple’s date night.

Brett Young has shared a visual for “Here Tonight,” the standout from his sophomore album, Ticket to LA, out last week.

While Young’s typically the protagonist of his music videos, the country singer takes a backseat in this one, performing solo by the beach while a couple’s blossoming romance takes center stage.

The pair get ready for their date night: She puts on makeup while he picks out his best suit. But just as the couple step out of the house, it starts pouring and they’re soaked from head-to-toe. Although, of course, like all romantic clichés, the rainy setting calls for a spontaneous makeout sesh.


“Everybody has at least one or probably a collection of those moments in your life where you’re like, ‘I wish I could stop time to make this moment last longer.’ I think most of [those moments] revolve around another person, somebody that is or was special to you. That’s all ‘Here Tonight’ is saying. That tonight is so perfect, I wish it could last forever,” Young explained in a video he uploaded on YouTube.

Check out the MV for “Here Tonight” below:

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