Brett Young’s new video for “Lady” will melt your heart

Featuring Young’s wife and their baby daughter.

Brett Young has released a touching video for his latest single, “Lady.”

The heartwarming video, directed by Young’s longtime collaborator Seth Kupersmith, captures the singer spending time at home with his wife Taylor and their newborn daughter, Presley. It was shot with only one camera and a drone, in compliance with the social distancing rules in place.

“I always knew I would want to write songs for my children, but didn’t realize the inspiration would come so quickly before my daughter was even born,” Young said of “Lady” in a statement. “It’s a message to Presley about her mom and it became a pretty obvious choice for my first single in a new chapter of music. It’s so meaningful to Taylor and I, and I hope it resonates in a similar way for anyone who listens.”

Earlier this year, Young collaborated with Astrid S for “I Do.” Prior to that, the country singer released The Acoustic Sessions EP, which featured Gavin DeGraw (“Chapters”), Charles Kelley (“Here Tonight”) and Sean McConnell (“Don’t Wanna Write This Song”).


Watch the video for “Lady” below:


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