Breland asks “what if” in “Cross Country” video

The singer imagines his life in an alternate timeline.

Breland has shared new single “Cross Country” and an accompanying music video that imagines his life in a different timeline.

The clip, directed by James Larese, begins at a pivotal moment in the country artist’s life—when he first uploaded his breakout single “My Truck” online—and depicts an alternative reality. The differences are stark: the musician relaxes in a fancy restaurant and prepares for a massive headline show, while the other Breland listlessly holds down a dreary 9 to 5 job and starts a family.

“I wanted to have a song that could be titled “Cross Country” and come at it from a slightly different perspective,” Breland explained to Rolling Stone. “I feel like this song did a good job of getting a concept across of hey, I’ve been all over the country physically, trying to find this sound and a place where I can sonically say, ‘This is my home. This is where I belong, and this is how people will recognize me.’”


The singer shared his self-titled debut EP in early 2020 before following up with Rage & Sorrow, a three-track release that arrived on time for Juneteenth.

Watch the clip for “Cross Country” here:

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