Brandi Carlile shares “Party of One” MV

The stunning visual takes a look at queer domesticity.

Elizabeth Moss––best known for her work in Hulu’s Emmy-winning The Handmaid’s Tale––is not only the star, but, producer of Brandi Carlile’s latest video, “Party of One.”

Directed by Bérénice Eveno, the clip charts the highs and lows of a queer couple’s relationship. Moss and her partner, played by Nicole Disson, get into an intense argument that forces the former to pack up and leave. “I’m not taking your side anymore / I am tired / I am not my own / And I am leaving,” Carlile sings in the background.

But as soon as the melody swells into a soaring symphony of strings and keys, Moss stops in her tracks and turns back to run home. “Oh, I am tired / And I’m coming home / ’Cause I am yours, I am yours, I am yours,” Carlile cries on the concluding verse.


In a press statement, Eveno explained that video was to capture “a love so deep that it permeates everything around you.” “A love that haunts you and never lets go,” she added.

Watch the video for “Party of One” below:

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