Bishop Gunn release spine-chilling video for “Alabama”

If you liked ‘True Detective’ or ‘The Witch,’ this is right up your alley.

Mississippi rockers Bishop Gunn have put out a cinematic, hair-raising video for “Alabama,” the final song on their debut album, Natchez.

Directed by Tyler Barksdale, the clip follows a man—played by comedian and podcaster Theo Von—who’s been seduced by a woman with, unbeknownst to him, “a little dirt on her soul,” as the song puts it. The video explores the nebulous line between religion and the occult, and will thrill fans of HBO series True Detective and the Robert Eggers film The Witch.

Watch the “Alabama” video below:


And if you’re curious to know more about how the song and video were made, check out the behind-the-scenes clips one, two and three.

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