Babeo Baggins releases chilling video for “Mice or Men”

A budding romance ends in tragedy.

Back in June, rapper-turned-country singer Babeo Baggins released the tender “Mice or Men.” Now, the music video is out.

The video, directed by Arshum Rouhanian, stars the banjo-wielding singer with a would-be lover who ruins their budding romance through an act of violence. Be warned—it gets bloody.

“It’s a song about love and loss; this video is a representation of that,” Babeo Baggins told the Fader. “Sometimes the things you love most can be the death of you.”


Babeo Baggins, aka BB, has had an unusual musical trajectory. Hip hop heads on Tumblr in 2015 will remember the gender-fluid artist as the leader of the rap group Barf Troop, and as a one-time Drake collaborator on a cover of Nico’s “These Days” that was released in 2016.

Now, BB, who uses they/them pronouns, has turned their attention to country music, which as a Virginia native, they’ve always been a fan of, according to Lenny Letter. In the past year, they’ve released a string of singles in that vein: “Fleas,” “Thunderbird,” “Transformation” and now “Mice or Men,” which is the first single off a project called Evil.

Watch the video for “Mice or Men” below:


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