Aubrie Sellers covers “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere”

    A hazy rendition of Dwight Yoakam’s 1993 country hit.

    Aubrie Sellers A Thousand Miles From Nowhere MV
    Image: Aubrie Sellers official YouTube

    Aubrie Sellers is making her comeback with a cover of Dwight Yoakam’s 1993 song, “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere.” It’s Sellers’ first release since her 2016 debut album New City Blues.

    The singer creates a dreamy atmosphere for her rendition of the moody country hit, singing delicately over distorted guitar melodies. “I got heartaches in my pocket / I got echoes in my head / And all that I keep hearing / Are the cruel, cruel things that you said,” she croons. The cover was released alongside a simple video of Sellers wandering down a deserted beach.

    Listen to her cover of “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere” below: