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Carly Rae Jepsen’s doppelgängers assemble in “Too Much” MV

Her new album, ‘Dedicated,’ is out now.

Madonna flexes her staying power on “Future”

This ‘Madame X’ single features Quavo and production by Diplo.

Halsey unleashes her rage on new single, “Nightmare”

Cara Delevingne makes a cameo in the accompanying MV.

Winner brush off exes on new single, “Ah Yeah”

Their latest EP, ‘We,’ is out now.

Lana Del Rey covers Sublime’s “Doin Time”

For a new documentary about the ’90s alt-rock icons.

Charli XCX, Lizzo just want to “Blame it on Your Love”

It’s a rework of “Track 10” from Charli’s ‘Pop 2’ mixtape.

Yohuna drinks ’til she drops in “Dead to Me” MV

Music can be a killer industry.

Weki Meki head back to high school in “Picky Picky” MV

Their new EP, ‘Lock End LOL,’ is out now.

Adam Lambert sees the world through “New Eyes”

‘Velvet’ is on its way.