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Dinner Party supergroup share video for “Freeze Tag” remix

With vocal contributions from Cordae, Phoelix and Snoop Dogg.

Watch Kassa Overall’s ‘I Think I’m Good’ short film

With a cameo from Macklemore, who went to high school with Overall.

Aquiles Navarro, Tcheser Holmes share new duo album

‘Heritage of the Invisible II’ is out now.

Hear Rick Simpson rework Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’

‘Everything All of the Time: Kid A Revisited’ is out now.

Melody Gardot shares new album ‘Sunset in the Blue’

Partly recorded at Abbey Road Studios, newly reopened from lockdown.

Hear Joel Ross’ new album, ‘Who Are You?’

The Brooklyn-via-Chicago vibraphonist’s second album as bandleader.

Cory Henry drops “Don’t Forget” from ‘Something to Say’ album

The former Snarky Puppy member has also announced a Halloween livestream.

Sarathy Korwar, Upaj Collective share “Elephant Hangover”

From their upcoming direct-to-disc sessions for Night Dreamer.

Hear Chad McCullough’s new album ‘Forward’

The first solo LP from the trumpeter in over a decade.

Hear Spaza’s soundtrack for Soweto uprising doc ‘Uprize!’

The Johannesburg collective improvised to footage from the 2017 documentary.